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The Magicard Pronto100 - Professional ID Card Prints

Don't underestimate this small printer!

1) Simple - Despite its advanced features, the Pronto100 is very easy to use. Like all Magicard products, the Pronto100 has been designed to be low maintenance and is built with the best quality materials in a world-class manufacturing facility. The Pronto100 therefore requires limited support: users do not need a doctorate to use this printer..

2) Space-saving - Small but strong, the Pronto100 proves that the best things come in small packages. With its small footprint and light weight, the Pronto100 fits in big and small offices and is also ideal for home workers.

3) Quality - The Pronto100 packs a punch, printing instantly in HD photo quality. With photo-realistic color reproduction and guaranteed high-quality edge-to-edge printing, your printed cards will look better than ever.

4) High speed - Fast setup, fast operation and fast delivery of the best results. The Pronto100 offers the fastest print speed in Magicard's smallest printer package on the market today.

• HD photo quality - 23 seconds per card

• Standard color - 18 seconds per card

• Monochrome - 4.7 seconds per card

The included "MagiCard Design & Print" software helps users produce high resolution cards. Magicard's powerful Clix user interface allows them to operate the Pronto100 via the corporate intranet, wherever they are.

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