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The legendary Escorte...


This data collector for guard control systems

is legendary! But now we offer you more innovative solutions. Maybe you still use the legendary escort service, but we have the more modern solutions that correspond to modern times. They are also practical and easier to use. Here you will find alternative solutions.




This data collector for guard control systems is legendary!


The production of the Escorte devices was discontinued on 31 December 2009. Repairs to the devices are also no longer possible. The data strips for Escorte devices are no longer available. PowerPacks were still available until 31.12.2016, but are unfortunately now out of stock. 


A change to more up-to-date systems is recommended, however, and can be made step by step as required due to the compatibility of TourTrax and now the new Datix suite with Escorte and other CSS guard control systems. We would be happy to advise you personally on the phone to help you find the right solution for your requirements.

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The new generation of guard control systems


The New Generation


With the real-time guard control systems (no more manual reading of the devices necessary!) ActiveGuard and Wi-Trak, two models of state-of-the-art guard control systems are available for monitoring and maximum protection of your employees.


Not only is data collected sent via GPRS/GSM, but also automatic alarms are sent when the guard is inactive or triggered by the guard. For smaller companies, solutions in the form of the ProxiPen (escort successor) are available. We will be happy to advise you, keep you up to date, and are also available for you in the future! 


Advantages of modernisation


Decide for the future - with a strong partner at your side!

  • You remain competitive. Many of your competitors use 

  • already our modern systems and are one step ahead of you.

  • Thanks to additional protective functions such as position alarm, panic button, and call request, your employees are safer than ever with modern equipment.

  • New software and new devices are easy to use and fit easily in the hand.

  • With CSS at your side, you can rely on over 35 years of experience with guard control systems when making your decision.