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Fast disinfection with the CapCleaner UV-C

For your protection we now also offer the CapCleaner UV-C, which makes disinfecting 100% easier. UV-C light kills very quickly (30 seconds) and effectively removes viruses and bacteria. Scroll down for more information! Have we aroused your interest? Please visit our shop.


Simple, safe, quick and efficient!

The CapCleaner UV-C

Disinfecting could not be easier. Disinfect your mobile devices, keys, and other assets 360° in 30 seconds, at the touch of a button The CapCleaner UV-C has several security levels, such as a security relay or the hermetic (light-proof) double door, which is equipped with an electronic lock and opens automatically after the disinfection process. UV-C light kills viruses and bacteria very quickly (30 seconds) and effectively. The special reflection in CapCleaner UV-C disinfects the equipment by 360°. The same proven method is also used in hospitals and the food industry to deactivate microbes.