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Industry sectors


Here we list our most frequent target groups. If you do not belong to any of these sectors: don't worry. Security is for everyone.



CSS Computer Security Service GmbH is proud to support customers in a wide range of industries. We have the right skills to provide you with the right solutions and the support you need to achieve your goals. Contact us and become one of our happy customers. Below you can see where we are currently most successful with our products and where we can help.




CSS Computer Security Service verkauft Produkte an Energieversorger, Stromanbieter. Mehr Sicherheit für die Energie-Branche.
CSS Computer Security Service verkauft Produkte an Chemieunternehmen.
CSS Computer Security Service verkauft Produkte an Banken
CSS Computer Security Service verkauft Produkte an Servicegesellschaften und Einkaufszentren. Sicherheit für die Service-Branche in allen Berreichen.

Service companies ,

Shopping centers

Our guard control systems

also work underwater


The video shows that the detection of checkpoints even works underwater. The ProxiPen is compact, light, and easy to use, as it automatically recognizes RFID tags and other transponders on the reader pen without the need for any controls. More about guard control systems can be found here. Are you especially interested in the ProxiPen? Here you can find more information.


Explosion protection


Lone worker protection


The TWIG Protector Ex is an explosion-proof 3G / GSM / GNSS personal emergency signal device for lone worker protection in areas at risk of explosion.


The MGD002 is also available for use in potentially explosive areas with ATEX Zone 2/22 or ATEX Zone 1/21 .


The best equipment for guarding

Guard control systems

As an example the Wi-Trak Pro. An innovative real-time guard control system from the Datix family for documenting guard services. 

Or the ActiveTrack. A new device for the security industry with integrated GPS receiver and a GSM/GPRS quad-band mobile phone for bidirectional communication.

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