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Our service for banks

Do you want better security standards for your bank?

Whether it is better or secure key management visitor management or a secure workplace for your employees? Do you want to better equip your security staff or do you need an optimal ID card creation? Or simply masks for the current pandemic situation?

Then you are exactly right with us! 


Why banks need Computer Security Service:


We offer you guard control systems/ installations. These are recording and documentation systems for mobile services.


Effective visitor and ID card creation. Registration of visitors and staff. We also offer efficient and qualitative ID card creation.


The safety of employees is a high priority. Especially at individual workplaces. We offer you the lone worker protection.


The best equipment for guarding

Guard control systems

As an example the Wi-Trak Pro. An innovative real-time guard control system from the Datix family for documenting guard services. 

Or the ActiveTrack. A new device for the security industry with integrated GPS receiver and a GSM/GPRS quad-band mobile phone for bidirectional communication.

Mouth and nose protection

Safety at work in times of COVID-19


High-quality and washable masks for everyday use at the workplace. Are you interested? Click here! We also offer you the CapCleaner which disinfects objects in 30 seconds.

Lone worker protection

Operate alarm functions

and protection.


From Android apps, emergency mobile phones to security with online guard control devices. Here you can find more information.

ID card creation

An effective ID card creation!


A fast and reliable ID card production for your employees. Click here to learn more!

Visitor management

Easy management of your visitors!


Clear and orderly management of your employees and visitors! Quick identification. Find out more here!

Key management

Secure and orderly

management of keys.


Key cabinets with different capacities. Have a look around here on our key management page! 

Guard control systems

Recording and documentation systems.


Recording and documentation systems for mobile services. Here you can find out more.

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